Floris Van Bommel stand at the Bread & Butter show 2009. A black high gloss mainstage, at the centre of the trade stand, shows Floris Van Bommel shoes entangled in a web of yellow guitar plugs. Puresang presents the shoes as music instruments plugged into a series of yellow guitar amplifiers, creating the rock ‘n’ roll music which inspires Floris in his designs. Every rock ‘n’ roll band needs a backstage. To allow the Van Bommel representatives to sit down with their clients, Puresang drew a comfortable Backstage Lounge area behind the mainstage. Considering the whole design, the backstage lounge area has a yellow leather couch where people can relax and watch a musical performance by Floris on a flatscreen and eat yellow candy bananas. To get a complete overview of the Floris Van Bommel collection, Puresang created a walkway around the mainstage showing nearly hundreds of shoes. The walls decorated with posters showing the logo of Floris’ band and text messages written by Floris remind visitors of poster walls.

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