By using the creative thinking and the input of our team of designers, we came up with a fresh and innovative view on super yacht design: a super yacht with a tactile story. Thinking different than classic yacht design resulted in a mixture of the shape of a whale, an odd, old fisherman’s boat, and a futuristic submarine. It`s a breathtaking beauty, possibly a new landmark of super yacht design. Like in all industries, revolution can evoke tremendous evolution on engineering and technology levels. Apple Inc. is the best example. The Beluga's translucency creates a distinctive atmosphere, combining the exceptional ambiance of an artist’s loft with that of a prestigious luxury hotel. The atmosphere envelops onboard souls with a congenial sense of homecoming. The interior design of the yacht was inspired by the timeless fairytales of Jonah, Pinocchio and Moby Dick, evoking nostalgic triggers to the avant-garde design. The two living levels are connected with glass staircases and a mezzanine to emphasize the height and airiness of the space. The dining room has a textured “glass carpet,” based on the patterns of a Persian carpet, which lies under a five meter-long dining table. This carpet is manufactured by Glass-Deco and was shown for the first time at the Monaco boat show last month. Another pièce de résistance is the glittering nine meter-high crystal chandelier that hangs from the upper living room and cascades down to the dining table. The whisky bar and library are completely conceived out of the latest glass technologies. All furnishings on the living levels are custom-built to complement the unique character of The Beluga. The owners’ suite is situated on the roof in the oval room, equipped with a complete glass dome made of SGG PrivaLite glass technology. The belly of the Beluga holds 5 luxury suites with extendable balconies and en’suite spas, a Turkish bath (Hamam), a state of the art gym and a professional movie theatre. Twenty staff facilities are available and obvious a separated staff living area and kitchen. The front of the Beluga is designed as a genuine beach club of 650m2 with a 14m long swimming pool, a whirlpool and a cocktail bar with a 2-leveled lounge area. No other super yacht in the world provides such an incredible and multifunctional front deck. It´s the ultimate relaxing environment to lounge, sunbath, work out, or to throw impressive pool parties. The Beluga contains also a covered green house with real palm trees and a vegetable garden. The green house roof opens like the mouth of a whale, exposing an additional and very private sundeck of 100m2. The tender garage holds two custom-built tenders, which can be switched into drifting "state of the art” nightclubs with glass light dance floors that function as the tenders´ audio system as well. As mentioned in my former email, we are discussing the manufacturing of the yacht with a major Dutch manufacturer. I can’t disclose the name of the builder yet because we signed a confidentially agreement. The exact specifications of the Beluga aren´t set yet as the naval architects and engineers are still working on the realization of the concept plans. At this very moment I can provide only semi-official Beluga specifications. The Beluga has a steel hull with an aluminum superstructure with a beam of 18m (59ft). This custom displacement yacht is equipped with an ultra-modern stabilization system that reduces roll motion effect and results in a smoother more enjoyable cruising experience. She also features bow thrusters making her more maneuverable at low speeds. Provisional specs are: - Lloyds Register Class - Overall Length 100 meters (328 Feet) - Beam 18 meters (59 Feet) - Draft (Max): 4.50m (14' 9") - Hull Configuration: Displacement - Hull Material: Steel - Superstructure: Aluminum - Deck Material: Teak - Gross Tonnage: Approx. 3,500 tons - 2 x Caterpillar Engines - Fuel Type: Diesel - Total Power: 14,530hp / 10,692kW - Propulsion: Twin Screw - Max Speed: 26.0 kts - Cruising Speed: 20.0 knots - Range: 5,000 nm at 20 knots - 6,500 nm at 18 knots - Fuel Capacity: 400,000 L / 87,987 USG - Water Capacity: 50,000 L / 10,998 USG - 12 Guests o 1 Owner Suite o 5 Guest Suites - 20 Crew Accommodations - Stabilizers: Quantum - Thrusters: Azimuthing - Amenities: Helicopter Landing Pad, At Anchor Stabilizers

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