Unique concept store in Antwerp and Hasselt City. The client asked us to produce an unprecedented image for a new kind of denim concept store for people aged 25 plus. We invented the idea of a ‘denim and stuff supermarket’. The 1200 m2 store in Antwerp has a shoe-area with special shoe-brands in the basement. On the higher level we find a big and trendy collection of clothes, books, cd’s and gadgets. We did the whole concept and design: the result is a concept full of surprises, a real experience! The shop is a parody on design or better: on anti-design. We played with existing furniture and objects, but we put them in another context. We dressed up the furniture with special (textile) materials or used extra-ordinary color combinations. After a few years of Clinic Antwerp, Jeroen thought he was ready for the same kind of denim and stuff supermarket, in Hasselt. We did the design again, according to the Antwerp concept, but added some special features. There’s a Mini Cooper hanging upside down, that is to be used as Dj booth. A big Giraffe is holding a big chandelier in her mouth, a parody on a famous design of Moooi, where a horse has a lamp on her head. At Clinic’s we used colorful wallpapers, with flashy patterns or flowers. Shopping at Clinic is a pleasure for everybody who is looking for the latest trends in fashion and design. All self-respecting magazines worldwide wrote about Clinic, and this store was put next to Colette in Paris within 3 months. Quote of Jeroen Smeekens, owner of Clinic: ‘How do I see the team of Puresang before me? Well, it’s simple, they are the styledoctors and PR-nurses for Clinic, no more, no less”

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