The objective for the new AB café and concert bar was to create an environment where the Stella Artois brand is fully integrated. The world of AB and Stella flow into eachother and amplify eachother in a very natural way. Not by using screaming logos, but by working with subtle and creative allusions and an original contemporary design. The new concept that is used in AB, is called ‘glamour rock’. The café is indeed a bit more stylish and chique than the previous design, but AB will take care of the rock&roll mix. Due to the authentic use and character of the AB café, Stella wanted to create a fully personalized and tailor made design. The interior is filled with furniture that was especially made for AB café, designed by Puresang. Big graphics and a wall with ‘memorabilia display cases’ let the rocklevel lead. A big chandelier of acoustic guitars gives the space a big touch of glamour.

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